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  • 1.  Florescent UV filtering sleeves mystery

    Posted 09-10-2021 09:03 AM
    Hello all,

    I have a mystery on my hands and I'm hoping someone has prior experience/knowledge and can help me solve it.  I've recently relocated to a new office with uncovered Florescent lighting.  To better protect materials in the office, we've ordered UV filter sleeves that wrap around each tube.  After installing the filters, some of the lights did not turn on fully, however, removing the filters made them glow normally.  Each morning, we have to partially remove a filter for the light (and the light next to the tube) to turn on.  Once they're on, they work perfectly until we turn out the lights (and have to repeat the process).  Any ideas why this might be happening?  We thought it might have something to do with static electricity, but we've wiped down the filters and they don't appear to be carrying much of a charge.

    Many thanks for all your help and theories!



    Christopher A. Brown
    Curator | Children's Literature Research Collection
    Free Library of Philadelphia
    Philadelphia PA

  • 2.  RE: Florescent UV filtering sleeves mystery

    Posted 09-13-2021 07:36 AM
    Always best to consult a professional, an electrician or a lighting expert  in these matters.

    There may be technology that can be applied or even better bulbs for you to use. 

    Robert J Lafayette, PhD

    Robert Lafayette, PHD PhD

  • 3.  RE: Florescent UV filtering sleeves mystery

    Posted 09-13-2021 09:18 AM

    The tubes are losing their ground when you put the sleeve on. Fluorescent tubes are very sensitive this way. I am not aware of anything on the market for this, but essentially if you could make a ground connection between the sleeve and the fixture that would work. You could test this by putting a small wad of steel wool between the sleeve and the fixture housing after you install a tube.

    Good luck!

    Dennis Callahan
    Callahan art & Associates
    Chicago IL

  • 4.  RE: Florescent UV filtering sleeves mystery

    Posted 01-18-2022 01:53 PM
    To piggyback on Chris' theory, you might try cutting back the film from the ends of the tubes so the film does not lay over the metal "end caps".  the film may be slightly metalic and is bridgeing between the two end of the tube. Just a weird hunch, let us know how tings go!

    Matthew Isble
    Exhibit Designer & Founder of
    Crocker Art Museum
    Sacramento CA