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Kelsey Frady Malone posted 09-15-2023 12:49 PM


I oversee a university art museum and we frame the majority of our artworks in house on an as-needed basis for exhibitions and display. I've been in this role for a little over a year, and I inherited an assortment of about 40-50 wooden frames that I have been unable to identify or find a supplier for (pictured below). We use t-screws to secure these frames to the walls. We have no purchase records and all I know is that that they've been in the museum for over 15 years, at least. I'm hoping this community can help me to a) identify the frame type and/or b) provide recommendations for a supplier that has an identical or similar style of frame that we can use to grow our frame inventory in order to keep our displays consistent (or just share your experience in what your institution has done when needing to expand an existing frame collection). Please feel free to contact me directly ( Thank you for your help!

My best,
Kelsey Malone
Curator, Doris Ulmann Galleries and Berea College Art Collection
Berea, KY