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Ani Aguilar posted 09-21-2023 03:38 PM

I work in a small museum of dry Southwest climate conditions and I am looking for recommendations to hire a Collection Storage/Vault Consultant that could visit, review, and help improve our storage facility with over 1000 artifacts of Southwest artifacts that consists of Pueblo, Anglo, Spanish Devotional Art. As well as Hispanic furniture, jewelry, pottery, paintings, clothing, textiles and more. I have looked over some resources provided through the Museum Marketplace on the AAM website, but would also like to reach out to individuals that may provide some insight in a similar climate area. Thanks. 

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Claudia Ocello


Might I suggest you post this request on the Independent Museum Professionals Community forum too?

You can join via the Communities Tab, go to "All Communities" and you should see it listed there. 


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Fred Nation

You might consider Samantha Hunt-Duran who is based in Denver.  She was part of the team that did our CAP assessment and has considerable experience in situations like yours.  Her website is, and her email is  

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Julie DeVere

Hello Ani, 

You could apply for a Collections Stewardship MAP visit. Both the internal review and the two day onsite with your reviewer results in a full report that can help you with your collections assessment. They also maintain a list of those of us that do Collections MAP assessments.

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Sarah Glass

Hello Ani,

In addition to the Collections MAP assessment Julie referenced you should also look into the Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) Program that Fred referred to in his reply. Info here: Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) Program ( They can help 'match' you to a professional conservator with knowledge of your area/climate through their program.  Both MAP and CAP exist to provide smaller museums with the exact type of assistance you've described!