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Webinar about art appraisals in the new year!

  • 1.  Webinar about art appraisals in the new year!

    Posted 12-18-2023 05:32 PM
    Hi everyone,
    Before you shut down your computer for the holiday break, let me share Artwork Archive's upcoming webinar in January!

    I've learned from the success of our insurance webinar with Huntington T. Block (y'all loved Adrienne!) and I am bringing another expert on for a presentation about appraisals and inventory management. Come hear from Winston Art Group!

    Artwork Archive Webinar: Appraisals & Inventory Management Best Practices and Insights from Winston Art Group

    Thursday, January 18th at 11am PST | 2pm EST

    Get your art collection (better) organized this year.

    Artwork Archive and Winston Art Group are coming together to provide institutions, private collectors, art advisors and artist estates with expert advice for managing their art collections in 2024.

    As stewards of your collection, you know it's critical to have your collection organized, cataloged (hopefully digitally), protected and preserved. A well-planned system ensures that the legacy of the artworks, artists, and the collection itself will be safeguarded for decades to come. Plus, you'll be prepared for insurance claims, loans, donations, estate planning, and the multitude of other tasks that come up when managing a collection.

    And, it doesn't matter if your collection is emerging or if you're established with thousands of artworks and artifacts – appraisals and inventory management are crucial. We've broken down the process and tools for everyone.

    You'll come away from this presentation with:

    • An understanding of why appraisals are important
    • A plan for your collection's appraisals including type and frequency
    • Knowledge of the pitfalls from not appraising your collection and maintaining an up-to-date inventory
    • Strategies for simple record-keeping including the digitization of data and documents like condition reports, appraisals, invoices and certificates of authenticity
    • Motivation to utilize your collection management system to keep it all organized and accessible

    Artwork Archive is an online art inventory management system used by artists, collectors, and collecting institutions in over 130 countries around the world. Learn more here.


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