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  • 1.  QR Code Management

    Posted 01-17-2024 04:40 PM

    Hello Museum Folk,


    Out museum creates QR codes to share with the public for a few different resources (no more than 20 active codes at a time currently).


    We are looking into shifting all of our audio guides from cell phone base to QR code access. We currently pay for a pro subscription of "QR Code Generator by bitly" and love that it collects data as well has editable codes. However, I wanted to see what other options there were that other museums were using – especially before we begin a big overhaul of our virtual offerings. What programs do you use for QR codes? Do you like them?


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  • 2.  RE: QR Code Management

    Posted 01-18-2024 08:04 AM

    Hi Mia,

    NUBART offers an innovative audio-guide system using unique QR codes that allow visitors to access all the multimedia and multilingual content by scanning their code printed on a personalized card.

    The system allows for museums to organize their content by modules, so that they can offer information about their permanent collection and their past and present temporary exhibitions by scanning one single QR code.

    The unique codes are non-transferable but reusable by their rightful owner, allowing us to collect valuable data for the museum.  This also gives the audio guide cards a commercial value, which can represent an additional benefit to the organization. 
    Also, our audio guides include a feedback form for collecting visitor comments.

    I invite you to take a look at our customers using Nubart here on our website.



    Evelyn Crende
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    Berlin, Germany

  • 3.  RE: QR Code Management

    Posted 01-18-2024 11:49 AM
    Hi Mia,
    Our Artwork Archive clients create QR codes right from their Artwork Archive account. They like that it is synced directly to their art collection management system. They can save the QR code labels as a template and easily generate them for new acquisitions, exhibits, etc. 


    Elysian McNiff Koglmeier (she/her)
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  • 4.  RE: QR Code Management

    Posted 01-18-2024 12:40 PM

    We use QR codes ALOT - our favorite QR code generator is Beaconstac. They have both static and dynamic codes with multilingual linking capabilties and lots of data analytics.

    Julia Beabout
    Creative Director, Novaby AR Studio
    (206) 595-7213

  • 5.  RE: QR Code Management

    Posted 01-18-2024 01:06 PM

    Hi Mia, At the Crocker Art Museum we host the audio files our site and visitors scan QR codes to listen. We don't have a sophisticated backend on the QR side tho.

    For my site I use I've attached a backend screen shot as well as a couple QR codes that I've designed through their system. I've been very happy with them. For less than power users they are FREE. So if you're willing to pay a little bit you'll get so much more.

    Please let us know what e you end up going with and how it's working after a year or so. Good Luck!


    Matthew Isble
    Exhibit Designer & Founder of
    Crocker Art Museum
    Sacramento CA


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