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Planning Your Art Shows – upcoming Artwork Archive webinar (11.29)

  • 1.  Planning Your Art Shows – upcoming Artwork Archive webinar (11.29)

    Posted 11-18-2022 11:43 AM
    *With apologies for cross posting*

    Artwork Archive will be hosting a webinar about art show best practices at the end of the month. We'll cover handling artist submissions & review committees, juggling multiple galleries/rotating schedules, and even cover youth art shows. 

    Here are the details:

    Planning your Art Shows: Strategies for Success from Start to Finish
    Tuesday, November 29th at 2pm ET | 11am PT

    Whether you're hosting your first show or juggling a monthly rotational calendar, this webinar will provide helpful insights to streamline the administrative process, amplify your reach and boost engagement.

    There are a lot of moving pieces when managing art shows. In this webinar we'll cover exhibition tips from concept to clean-up, including:

    - Posting the opportunity: Discover ways to get the word out to artists
    - Organizing the show: Hear best practices for collaborating with artists and curators.
    - Presenting the exhibit: Whether it's onsite, online or both, we'll cover ways to boost discoverability, promote engagement and increase art sales with your art database.
    - Evaluating and reporting back: Learn simple ways to share data and impact with stakeholders.
    - Archiving for posterity (and grant funding): Don't lose the details; preserve the legacy of your shows.

    Join Kathi Talley from the Gifts of Art Program at Michigan Medicine and Zoë Woodworth from the Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa for an engaging conversation on utilizing technology to simplify the exhibition planning process.

    Gifts of Art has nine galleries of changing art exhibitions throughout the hospitals so will have plenty to share on the complexities of coordinating group shows.

    The University of Iowa has specific insights for student shows after hosting their first state-wide youth art show online.

    Are you an Artwork Archive client? We'll also cover helpful tools within your account to streamline and enhance the process including: artist upload forms, QR codes, payment processing, private viewing rooms, online exhibitions, interactive maps, and website embeds.


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