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  • 1.  Outdoor Sculpture Walk

    Posted 11-22-2022 10:02 AM
    Hello all!

    We are a small museum on a college campus.  We have recently started an Outdoor Sculpture Project which installs outdoor works by artists in the region around the campus. The loan period for these works varies from 3 to 5 years with the intent that work by other artists will be added over the next couple of years. There are two areas in which I could use some advice.

    1. Does anyone have a recommendation for signage or sign holders to be used outside?  Preferable, it would be something for which labels can be produced in-house and changed/repurposed as needed.

    2. Does anyone else do sculpture walks or tours on their campus/grounds? What sort of platform do you use? Things were are particularly interested in are mapping/location functions, audio clips, QR codes, and possibly video clips.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions or recommendations!

    Rochelle Oakley
    Collections Manager / Registrar
    Art Museum, University of Saint Joseph
    West Hartford CT

  • 2.  RE: Outdoor Sculpture Walk

    Posted 11-23-2022 12:06 PM
    Hi Rochelle,

    You might want to contact the following that have similar to what you describe above and might be helpful:
    • Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis
    • National Gallery of Art, Wash DC
    • Chicago Botanic Garden

    If I think of others, I will let you know. I know there are many other institutions that might be helpful and hopefully you will hear from them as well.

    Best wishes for the Thanksgiving holiday and holiday season.


    Art Manask
    Art Manask Consulting
    818 358-3588

  • 3.  RE: Outdoor Sculpture Walk

    Posted 11-24-2022 01:53 PM
    Hi Rochelle-

    I've created audio tours for a number of outdoor experiences, including a couple of sculpture walks. I'd be happy to talk to you about the options.  There are low-cost GPS solutions, "playlist" style mobile webpages where the visitor can scroll through images of the artworks (this works well only if the options are small, like under 15), "linear" options (one long track that plays and tells you to pause between objects), etc. It all depends on what kind of experience you want the visitor to have.

    Cheers, Tim

    Tim Halbur
    Rhubarb Audio

    Tim Halbur
    Audio Producer
    J. Paul Getty Museum
    Los Angeles CA

  • 4.  RE: Outdoor Sculpture Walk

    Posted 11-28-2022 12:14 PM
    Hi Rochelle,
    I have some great examples to share. I have the pleasure of working with museums, but also with public art programs, universities, hospitals, and other clients that are showcasing their outdoor artworks along with indoor collections.

    They utilize Artwork Archive's Interactive Map which is synced directly from their Artwork Archive art database. They'll also create separate Collections and Exhibitions, and share the tours with their audiences and include videos, audio clips, QR codes, and other media and information. These are hosted on Artwork Archive's Discovery platform via a Public Profile (a public portal) and can also be embedded on the institutions' website with one line of code. 

    Here are some examples:

    Here's a fun scavenger hunt created by Children's Hospital Colorado:

    Another Public art program's art tour:

    All locations have Google Map links so people can direct themselves to the spots. You can use geo coordinates if you don't have an exact address for something like an installation in a sculpture park or a mural in an alley.

    Happy to discuss and show other examples!

    Elysian McNiff Koglmeier (she/her)
    Head of Growth
    Artwork Archive

    Part Time Hours
    Online: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 5.  RE: Outdoor Sculpture Walk

    Posted 11-28-2022 11:32 AM
    Hi Rochelle.  Springfield, MO has a Sculpture Walk that is well organized and has been operating for several years now.  It's not a university program and it has good support from the city and local businesses so it may not be the best model, but they may be able to answer some of your questions.  They do have both an interactive online map and a printable map. They are currently soliciting entries for next year. Their sculptures rotate in and out annually. In looking at photos I can see they have standardized labels that are exposed to the weather so they must be durable enough to hold up a year.  They could probably tell you what those entail.  Here's the website if it helps. Sculpture Walk Springfield  Good luck with your quest.

    Jacqueline Tygart, Associate Librarian for Art, Architecture, & Behavioral Sciences
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