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    Posted 04-02-2024 06:41 PM


    Barriers to Equitable Museum Work Survey

    Your responses to this single-question survey will help us better understand the barriers

    to human-centered workplace conversation.

    In the frame of our "Community in the Workplace" series, started last September, has conducted webinars, interviews, and conversations that have led us to identify challenges, or barriers, that hinder museums in creating genuinely human-centered workplaces. We came to understand how important it is to create an internal dialogue to encourage and support meaningful change in museums.  


    In that vein of fostering dialogue, and to help us plan our next steps and develop concrete recommendations, please take a moment to fill out the survey. As you'll see, the survey identifies 21 issues that we believe block museums from moving forward concerning the human-centered workplace. Choose the issues that are most significant to you. The confidential survey should take only a few moments.


    Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues.


    Thank you very much for participating. 

    Survey Closes Sunday, April 7.