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Invitation to join "Museums and Change" on Thursday 8 September at 12:30pm EDT

  • 1.  Invitation to join "Museums and Change" on Thursday 8 September at 12:30pm EDT

    Posted 09-01-2022 06:04 AM
    Please join us for a presentation and discussion led by Kathleen McLean next Thursday.

    Museum Exhibitions We Need Now

    Over the years, museums have presented some powerful, unusual, and potentially transformative exhibitions that could have advanced wider museum practice, but actually didn't. Maybe they were too far ahead of their time. Maybe not enough professionals saw them. Is the museum world ready for them now? Let's imagine brave new versions of some of these classic boundary busters. We need them more than ever if we are truly going to evolve.

    Please join us on Thursday 9/8 at 12:30pm EDT when Kathy McLean will present some thoughts on the need for new kinds of exhibitions. Kathy is the Principal of Independent Exhibitions (Ind-X), a museum consulting firm specializing in exhibition design, development, and management; strategic planning; visitor research and evaluation. She is co-author of the IMLS-funded book, The Convivial Museum; co-editor of the IMLS-funded book, Visitor Voices in Museum Exhibitions; co-editor of the NSF-funded book, Are We There Yet? Conversations about Best Practices in Science Exhibition Development; and author of Planning for People in Museum Exhibitions.

    Please use the link below to join the conversation (and please note that we do not record our sessions in the interests of candor and openness).

    We look forward to seeing you! Best.

    Avi Decter, Eric Siegel, and Ken Yellis