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Free How to Oral History Webinar (March 2)

  • 1.  Free How to Oral History Webinar (March 2)

    Posted 02-13-2023 02:20 PM

    Dear Colleagues,

    I invite you to join me for a free webinar; How to Oral History.

    Oral histories are increasing in popularity as the archives and public history world attempt to repair the historical record and balance the variety of voices represented in the collection. Oral histories as a concept have existed in cultures dating back to the first centuries of human civilizations. They're incredibly valuable because they can capture so much contextual information in addition to the recollections being shared. It also acknowledges the authority of the storyteller and grants agency that few other historical records can. However, oral history education has often existed on the fringe of our field and if you've never conducted an oral history before, it can be intimidating. This webinar will layout some of the basics for how to oral history including equipment, research, question construction, permissions paperwork, conducting the interview, and post-production. But, more importantly, we'll discuss strategies in managing the interviewer-interviewee dynamic, and your responsibility for the wellbeing of the interviewee. By the end of this webinar, you will have the confidence and knowledge you need in order to successfully conduct your own oral history interviews.


    To learn more about the webinar and register, click here:

    Date & Time: March 2, 2023 @12PM Pacific. Auto-captioning will be available. In order to efficiently answer your questions during the webinar, I'm gathering your questions ahead of time. This session will be pre-recorded in order to deliver the maximum amount of information in an effective manner. It will premiere on March 2, 2023. Submit questions to: Can't make it? All registrants will receive a link to the recording the following day.

    Did you miss a webinar? You can always view past webinars on my YouTube channel:

    Thank you,

    Owner & Consultant
    Relicura, LLC