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  • 1.  Customer Service Training

    Posted 07-13-2022 09:36 AM
    Good morning! I would like to add some customer service training for our Visitor Services front line staff. I've done some searching on AAM's site, in the archives of Museum Junction, etc. I'm really trying to find an online type training program. Since covid, we've run into visitors who try to escalate and sometimes every get confrontational. 
    I would love to find something that would help deal specifically with those types of visitors. We typically have a pretty steady stream of guests from about 400-1200 a day.
    We do have a budget for training but not $$$.
    Thanks for any help/info.

    Lauren T. Furey
    Manager of Ticketing
    Preservation Virginia
    Newport News VA

  • 2.  RE: Customer Service Training

    Posted 07-13-2022 01:30 PM
    Edited by Mark Walhimer 07-13-2022 01:50 PM
    Hi Lauren,
    I have a new book, Designing Museum Experiences, written for the situation you describe.

    Chapter 2: Shifting to the Visitor's Perspective
    Chapter 6: Customer Experience Methodologies
    Chapter 7: Applying Customer Experience Methodologies
    Chapter 8: The Museum Visitor's Journey
    Chapter 10: Placemaking: Museums and the Community
    Chapter 12: Museums as a Hospitality Businesses
    Museum Toolbox with Resources and Guides

    What I found in my research was a general lack of understanding of the role of museums as public-facing institutions, the museum belongs to the public literally and figuratively, and that changes the role of staff.  

    I also created an inexpensive interactive course, Introduction to Museums ($14.95), including the above basics. My research found that there is often a lack of a shared understanding of museums' role within civil society. 

    If interested, I could offer a group discount on the course.

    All the best, 
    - Mark

    Museum Planning, LLC
    Mark Walhimer
    Cell: 415-794-5252

  • 3.  RE: Customer Service Training

    Posted 07-14-2022 09:04 AM
    Hi Lauren,

    Before reopening in 2020, some of our team went through this training hosted by AMM:  We then created a de-escalation training for our front-facing staff that also included our museum's quality standards and some existing customer service training. 

    Right to Be (formerly Hollaback) has some good resources/training for conflict de-escalation: 


    Kelsey Enderle
    Director of Guest Experience and Services
    Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
    Cincinnati OH

  • 4.  RE: Customer Service Training

    Posted 07-14-2022 09:30 AM
    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

    Lauren T. Furey
    Manager of Ticketing
    Preservation Virginia
    Newport News VA

  • 5.  RE: Customer Service Training

    Posted 07-15-2022 06:07 AM
    For those seeking training in customer service, I strongly recommend contacting your nearest university/college with a hospitality program. Many offer on line programs or can easily find one or create one for you. Customer service is the core of everything they teach in hospitality.

    Robert C. Ford, PhD
    Professor of Management Emeritus
    Department of Management
    College of Business Administration
    4000 Central Florida Blvd.
    P.O. Box 161400
    University of Central Florida
    Orlando, Florida 32816-1400
    Phone: 407-601-4616; Fax: 407-823-3725

  • 6.  RE: Customer Service Training

    Posted 07-14-2022 01:45 PM
    HI Lauren!

    It might sound weird, but you could also reach out to your local police department to see if they have de-escalation training. Our local department came and gave my team a very good training for free.

    Leah Murray
    Executive Director
    Shelton McMurphey Johnson House
    Eugene OR