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  • 1.  Curation Education

    Posted 06-22-2022 11:30 AM
    Big thank you to all who have provided such great responses in the past to posts.  It's been a great help.  Again, I'm coming to the forum for more help/ideas. 

    Some of my colleagues are interested in any online courses/information/guides to education around curation.  We have a good collection of modern art with a strong focus on Jasper Johns and then a rotating exhibition of other modern/pop artists from our collection.  Staff have experience and education in art, but not in curation and we are interested to know if anyone knows of a good online course or resource for learning more about curation.  

    Any and all ideas/suggestions would be most welcome!

    Thank you, 


    Bobbi Hapgood
    President/CEO Ryobi Foundation
    Powers Art Center
    Carbondale CO