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Crowdsourcing Burnout Solutions!

  • 1.  Crowdsourcing Burnout Solutions!

    Posted 06-14-2022 12:27 PM
    Dear colleagues: [indulgence coveted for cross-posting]
    Discussion on "Beating Burnout" among public history practitioners at the National Council on Public History virtual meeting is now available to bolster the existing 20-page document derived from collegial brainstorming at 4 previous museum conferences.
    "We have to get at this now, or else mental health claims at staggering levels are going to be the new norm" (Sanofi Canada 2020: 8, cf. 9, 35).
    The 13 June post "Crowdsourcing Solutions! Document Update" on the Solving Task Saturation for Museum Workers blog--including a link to the existing compilation report & reference to the next conference session on related matters at the Buffalo, NY meeting of the American Association for State & Local History in September--is available at .
    Thanks for thinking about this important HR issue in our field.
    Respectfully yours
    Paul C. Thistle

    Paul C.Thistle
    Director/Curator (retired)
    Stratford, Ontario
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