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Care and ID of Photos ONLINE: Oct 2 - Nov 19, 2023

  • 1.  Care and ID of Photos ONLINE: Oct 2 - Nov 19, 2023

    Posted 08-22-2023 06:12 PM
    Need a well-structured, comprehensive photo ID and preservation course for you or your staff? You're in luck! This 7-week spring course has hours of weekly video lectures, a 2-hour online video chat each Thursday, a full color 250-page course packet, a photographic sample set of 18 prints, a handheld microscope, and a friendly instructor- everything you need to become an expert in photograph ID and preservation.
    This is an international course with students from all over the world.

    Care and Identification of Photographs (from daguerreotypes to digital)
    October 2 - November 19, 2023
    Location: ONLINE


    Registration Includes:
    • 7-week online course
    • 60x LED handheld microscope
    • Basic Photographic Sample Set
    • 250-page full-color notebook packet

    Additional Details:
    • The course is hosted via the Canvas Learning Management System and is accessed via your browser from any computer or even tablet or phone (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
    • Weekly lectures are pre-recorded and can be watched any time
    • Live weekly chat is 1-2 hours as needed with Q&A and guided ID sessions on Zoom, Thursdays @1pm Pacific Time. Attendance is strongly encouraged, but it is recorded for when schedules or time zones conflict. The Zoom app can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or phone.
    • Students reported spending 4-6 hours / week on the course on average.

    This 7-week online workshop is an introduction to the history, identification, and preservation of photographic materials. Participants will acquire hands-on identification skills and learn practical photograph preservation techniques. Using handheld 60x microscopes and the Basic Photographic Sample Set of photographic and photomechanical samples, they will learn how a variety of processes were created, why they look the way they do, and how they deteriorate. Knowledge about photographic processes is essential to their preservation and leads to a greater appreciation of the aesthetics and history of photographic prints.

    Preservation topics include enclosures, handling guidelines, environmental monitoring, the effects of temperature and relative humidity on collections, and the importance of cold storage for certain photographic materials.

    Processes examined in detail include but are not limited to the following: daguerreotype, albumen, collodion and gelatin printing-out processes (POP), matte collodion, gelatin silver, photogravure, offset litho, letterpress halftone, collotype, chromogenic color, inkjet, and dye sublimation.

    The registration fee for this 7-week workshop is $575 (STUDENT PRICE $475) and includes the Basic Photographic Sample Set ($175 value), consisting of 18 identified photographic and photomechanical processes, a 60x handheld microscope w/LED light, and 250-page full-color notebook packet.

    The Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA), a certifying organization of professional archivists, will award Archival Recertification Credits (ARCs) to eligible Certified Archivists (CAs) attending this workshop.

    The American Society of Appraisers, the International Society of Appraisers, and the Appraisers Association of America will award reaccreditation hours/professional development/continuing education credits for qualified appraisers attending this workshop.

    Please contact the instructor with any questions:

    Gawain Weaver
    Photograph Conservator
    San Francisco Bay Area
    studio 415.446.9138
    cell 415.717.0264
    Free Process ID Charts: