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BPOC's Upcoming 'Dreaming of AI' Webinars!

  • 1.  BPOC's Upcoming 'Dreaming of AI' Webinars!

    Posted 04-02-2024 01:54 PM

    Upcoming 'Dreaming of AI' Webinars!

    April 8th - Inclusive Design in Cultural Heritage: Embracing Sensory Processing and Neurodiversity:

    This webinar brings Inclusive Design in Cultural Heritage: Embracing Sensory Processing and Neurodiversity with Dr. Piper Hutson. In an era where the democratization of access to cultural heritage stands as a pillar of societal progress, it becomes imperative for institutions to adopt a framework of inclusivity that transcends traditional boundaries. Dr. Hutson will delve into the nuances of Inclusive Design within the realm of cultural heritage, with a focused lens on sensory processing and neurodiversity. Drawing upon a rich array of interdisciplinary research and practical applications, this session aims to equip organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to reimagine their spaces, exhibitions, and programs through an inclusive lens. Participants will explore a variety of strategies and best practices for integrating sensory-friendly experiences and neurodiverse-friendly approaches into their institutions. This includes understanding the diverse ways individuals engage with cultural environments, leveraging technology for enhanced accessibility, and fostering a culture of empathy and understanding within organizations.

    May 2nd - Dreaming of AI: A Crash Landing into AI in Collections Management:

    We have invited Amy Adams, Collections Information & Access Manager at the National Museum of the Royal Navy to share a presentation on the National Museum of the Royal Navy's early foray and experiences of applying different AI technologies in collections management practices. It will follow why the National Museum was initially interested in the technology and its vision for how it could revolutionise collections work to early conclusions on whether it is really all worth it or just a waste of time. Along the way, the different technologies the National Museum has so far trialed, and future upcoming trials will be discussed along with some initial findings.

    Participants will hear about the National Museum's perspective on questions like:

    Will AI revolutionise collections work?

    Will it replace me as a Curator?

    Is it at all ethical?

    They will also learn tips and tricks for getting started themselves if they are interested but don't know where to start, and reassure it may not all be as scary as it seems.

    Alexandra Kron
    Digital Operations & Collections Information Analyst
    Balboa Park Online Collaborative
    San Diego, CA