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  • 1.  Membership Tax Deductions

    Posted 07-26-2019 08:45 AM

    I am the Membership Manager at The Columbus Museum in Columbus, GA. We are currently re-evaluating our membership benefits for all levels and making some changes. We've been looking at the non-tax-deductible portions of our membership levels and struggling with how to alter those amounts. It seems as though in the past, a sort of arbitrary amount was decided for each level, and we'd like to adjust. How have other museums determined the exact amount that is non-tax deductible? We are finding it hard to put a dollar amount on each and every benefit. Is that how these amounts should be calculated, or are we over thinking this? I will mention that we are in the unique position of being a free admission museum, and also do not charge for parking. 

    Any insight is appreciated!

    Hillary Scalmanini
    Membership Manager
    Columbus GA