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Separate Admission Fee for Outdoor Exhibition or "Grounds Pass"

  • 1.  Separate Admission Fee for Outdoor Exhibition or "Grounds Pass"

    Posted 02-01-2021 01:50 PM

    Seeking insight from museums/sites with experience in charging a separate admission fee for an outdoor exhibition, or a "grounds pass".  With Covid constraints, our indoor Norman Rockwell Museum experience is only available to a small percentage of normal visitors. And, of course, overall visitor apprehension for indoor activities will continue into the summer/fall.   We are lucky to also have 36 acres of beautiful park-like grounds with permanent sculptures, paved paths, and woods walks - which we have never charged for.

    This summer we will feature a new juried sculpture exhibit "Land of Enchantment" to compliment our large galley exhibition "Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Art".   Like many of you - we're looking for revenue "recovery" opportunities, and are exploring the feasibility and logistics of charging an "outdoor only" fee, add-on, and/or strategically placed outdoor donation boxes.    Thanks for your input and experience with any of these options ...  any pros/cons, lessons learned, results appreciated! 

    Many thanks,


    Margit Hotchkiss
    [Chief Marketing Officer]
    Norman Rockwell Museum
    Stockbridge MA

  • 2.  RE: Separate Admission Fee for Outdoor Exhibition or "Grounds Pass"

    Posted 02-01-2021 03:50 PM
    I think that unless the sculptures will be exhibited in a manner that could be separated from a normal experience on the grounds, like an area with a barrier around it or taking admission before anyone sets foot onto the grounds, your best bet could be strategically placed donation boxes. I visited a botanical garden (unfortunately, I don't recall which one - sorry!) that also had a special sculpture exhibition and they had donation boxes next to each one. They were doing a contest for guests to vote for their favorite sculpture by placing a donation in the box next to the sculpture.

    Kevin Harris