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collections migration/protection

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    Posted 01-11-2021 09:56 AM
    Hello Colleagues!  We are contemplating a roof restoration project and I won't go into details, but suffice it to say this is monumental and precarious because the building is a highly unusual landmark like few serving as museums.  We have almost no ceilings between the 1888 roof and exhibition spaces.  Where there are no ceilings, there is a tongue and groove treatment of wood planks, about 3" wide.  Clearly, dust and possible debris will sift from the exterior work between this treatment.  The original felt is mostly dust and the roof finish is slate, now 132 years old.  I am hoping to devise a plan that might comprise one or a combination of:

    1. Protect the collection in situ using heavy polypropylene sheeting
    2. Migrate the entire collection (where??? as we have no "extra" collections storage space)
    3. Migrate only objects at greatest risk or on display in spaces likely to be most affected, tent the rest.

    Is there anyone out there who's had recent, similar experience?  I'm also wondering if anyone has devised a budget for such a project.  I would love to hear from and be grateful for anyone willing to talk to me off line about this challenge.

    Thank you!  Vivian

    Vivian Zoë
    Executive Director
    Slater Memorial Museum
    Norwich CT
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