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  • 1.  Timed Tickets

    Posted 08-27-2020 11:01 AM
    During the re-opening phase museums, including Glessner House in Chicago, have had to look to our shrinking tour size for the public and docent safety. Plus, we've had to locate a company to set up timed ticket purchases. There were so many options out there but some of the yearly fees for those companies were so steep, especially considering that we can only take a maximum of four guests with three tours a day only a few days a week.  We found a very cost effective and efficient timed ticket service and wanted to share that information for any smaller organizations who don't have the budget for the big players.

    I am not attempting to sell anything with this reference, but it took me a long time to locate a company that had the price point that we could handle plus the reporting that we needed. So, I wanted to save anyone else the time and trouble of the search. The company is Complete Ticketing Solution. You can look them up online or if anyone would like me to forward the contact information to them I'm happy to do so.

    All the best to everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
    Francesca Peppiatt
    Development Manager
    Glessner House
    Chicago, IL 60616