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  • 1.  Media at paid events

    Posted 11-21-2019 11:10 AM
    I am looking for input/feedback on how organizations handle media at paid events. (I.e. Events that have paid admission with limited seating & space).

    Here is some background on the Phila. Sports Hall of Fame's annual Induction Ceremony and what we encounter regarding media.

    • We have an annual ceremony where we honor the new hall of famers. Kind of your typical awards-type program with 10-12 people being honored.
    • Space is limited since it is a paid-attendance event, open to the public. Paid attendance includes gourmet entree stations and open bar. It sells out every year at about 400 people.
    • We try to manage media access by providing official credentials for the event and provide a media kit for the evening, including our formal media policy.  We provide a separate area with media refreshments.
    • The traditional/major media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers) are no problem. They show up, set up and get to work with interviews, photos and videos.  Coverage from these outlets is good-to-excellent every year.
    • The problem we have is with the non-traditional media like on-line newspapers, sports blogs, Twitter, etc. The majority of these come to the event, eat & drink, meet the sports celebrities and enjoy the Induction Ceremony. But there is never any post-event coverage.

    So, I am wondering if/how any organizations handle media in similar situations.

    Any input/feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Best, Ken Avallon
    Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame

    Ken Avallon
    Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame

  • 2.  RE: Media at paid events

    Posted 11-22-2019 09:32 AM
    Edited by Clinton Piper 11-22-2019 09:37 AM
    We have similar experiences at Fallingwater, the Kaufmann family weekend house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In our case, media professionals request complimentary tickets to tour the house. Our policy is to ensure that they are credentialed and working on an assignment (not just passing through on a weekend leisure visit) before extending the complimentary admissions. I also try to only provide complimentary admission to the journalist and not the family and friends that might be along for the ride. Even in doing this, I may or may not ever get a story about Fallingwater, however, some of it is the cost of doing business.  I often hear, well I might write a story in the future. . .  

    The tour admissions I grant are limited to the regular house tour. We do not extend complimentary admissions to our high-end tours since they typically can be filled well in advance. The exception to this is when we are promoting a new tour option in which we might arrange a high-end tour with food just for journalists, media, etc.

    Happy to answer other questions.

    Clinton Piper
    Senior Administrator of Special Projects
    Fallingwater, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
    Mill Run PA