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  • 1.  Adding Audio Element to Display

    Posted 03-02-2018 12:26 PM
    Hello.  I am a professional member of AAM.  I am working on creating an installation with paintings and an audio component.   The paintings are mine and are based on "The Second Coming" , W.B. Yeats' 1921 poem.  I am looking for a way for the viewer (most likely with individual headsets) to hear a few lines from the poem when they stand in front of the relevant painting.  The sound will not leak, so if someone else is standing two paintings over, the sounds will not overlap.   I have done some research and learned that in order to this the displays (or paintings) need to be three feet apart to keep the sound separate.  
    My original intention was that there would be no buttons to push in order to hear the appropriate audio (line of poetry), but it seems that this is impossible, unless the displays are three feet apart.  I am hoping that there are some suggestions, for how to handle this, that may involve the viewer pushing the appropriate button to get the correct recording.
    I am happy to explain this further, or answer questions.  I realize that there is a "language" to this technology, that I do not speak too well. I am including an image.   The title of the image is "The Blood Dimmed Tide is Loosed"  When the viewer stands in front of the "display" - image, she will hear several lines from a recording of Yeat's poem. 
    Mere Anarch is loosed upon the world, the blood dimmed tide is loosed - this is an example of the lines from Yeats' poem that I would like the viewer to hear on the audio component

    Jane Shoenfeld

  • 2.  RE: Adding Audio Element to Display

    Posted 03-05-2018 08:48 AM
    This is a classical audio guide application. We have done this at many art museums. We create mobile apps with story/poem for each painting and offer it as downloadable apps and rental tablets. Each visitor is completely independent of the others and can start/stop their audio when they want to. Each one gets to see an image of the painting on their device, hear the audio, read the text and see a map of the floor. These are very professionally done and give a great impression. Pls check out Mobile Tour Guide App Platform: Action Tour Guide

    Snehal Shah
    Action Data Systems, LLC
    Barrington RI

  • 3.  RE: Adding Audio Element to Display

    Posted 03-05-2018 12:49 PM
    Hi Jane,
    Audio bleed is a tough issue that many museums struggle with. When I worked at Experience Music Project, I did extensive research and ended up designing my own full frequency, highly focused speaker. The reason behind this is at EMP, we were a music museum and all of the high end focused speakers are band limited, simply meaning they do not play back the full frequency range you hear in a typical speaker, particularly, there is very little low frequency content. Part of the reason behind that is the low frequencies spread easier and higher frequencies are inherently more direct. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance. 

    Reek Havok

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