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  • 1.  Network outlet cover labels

    Posted 02-16-2021 10:43 AM

    Our exhibit staff would like to make outlet covers in the galleries match the wall colors. Our network outlet covers are all labelled with numbers so we can identify the port; those numbers are on clear labels stuck on to the front of the metal outlet covers. If the exhibit staff paints or tapes over the covers, the labels will be destroyed. We could put the labels on the inside of the covers, but then we'd have to take time to remove the covers every time we need to know a port number. There are hundreds of outlet covers in our museum. How do you make the outlet covers blend in to the walls while retaining outlet labels?


    Ruth C. Bittner

    Vice President of Finance & CFO

    Peoria Riverfront Museum

    222 SW Washington St

    Peoria, IL 61602

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  • 2.  RE: Network outlet cover labels

    Posted 02-17-2021 11:01 AM
    Can you just take the labels off and then put new ones on after the covers are painted?

    Hunter Klingensmith
    Visitor Experience coordinator
    Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter
    Park City UT

  • 3.  RE: Network outlet cover labels

    Posted 02-23-2021 01:27 PM
    A couple thoughts came to mind. Once painted you could install vinyl numbers that aren't very contrasting (think black letters over medium blue paint), so they are more subtle. That's fairly laborious though. But my first thought was to make a paper map of all the locations and their associated numbers (or digital) while adding redundancy with numbers inside the covers as well. Do folks need to know port numbers often?

    Matthew Isble
    Exhibit Designer & Founder of
    Crocker Art Museum
    Sacramento CA