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More Resources for Museum Archaeology Programming

  • 1.  More Resources for Museum Archaeology Programming

    Posted 09-16-2021 12:07 PM
    Edited by Paul Thistle 09-16-2021 12:08 PM

    Museums seeking to create effective, engaging, & elegant programmes on the subject of archaeology are encouraged to consult my Archaeology Excavation Simulation web site [now with the technical glitches fixed]. It also provides some critical museology on typical activities used by museums.  

    Beyond practice in keeping detailed accounts of findings, the pedagogical benefits of the strategy include: engaging in higher order thinking skills e.g. analysis and synthesis, keeping detailed accounts of findings, reflective thinking as they analyze new discoveries, practice in using the scientific method, developing hypotheses, analysing data, & formulating conclusions Russell (2014).

    In support of the above web site, also consult a newly updated post on my Critical Museology Miscellanea blog for access to a total of 314 photos to illustrate archaeological excavation methods.

    Other than the first 2 slide series below that centre on the Southern Indian Lake 182 site (a salvage excavation of a boreal forest prehistoric site in northern Manitoba), while developing Native Studies curriculum resources aimed at senior elementary & high school classes, I also have photographed excavations located in Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

    Many of the slideshow series below include access to a PDF with details on each image:

    Archaeological Techniques Slide Show Sections:

    • Survey to Find Archaeological Sites
    • Preparing & Excavating a Boreal Forest Archaeological Site
    • Northwest Pacific Coast Archaeological Sites
    • Atypical Heavy Equipment Excavation Method
    • Archaeological Laboratory Work

     Other Excavations & Related Slide Shows:

    • SIL 182 Base Camp & Activities
    • Ozette Excavation on the Coast of Washington
    • Thompson River Pit House Excavations
    • Fort Walsh North-West Mounted Police Historic Site Excavation
    • Upper Fort Garry Excavation
    • Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature Boreal Forest Archaeology Exhibit
    • Yukon Klondike Archaeology
    • The Sam Waller Museum Archaeology
    • Archaeology Excavation Travelling Exhibit

    Access these resources in my Critical Museology Miscellanea blog post "Archaeology Techniques" at .

    Thanks for thinking about  the potential for developing and/or improving your archaeological programming.

    Respectfully yours

    Paul C.Thistle
    Director/Curator (retired)
    Stratford, Ontario