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  • 1.  Employee Performance Reviews

    Posted 02-14-2020 12:27 PM
    Has anyone seen or used a museum-centric employee performance review form? Format's that I've seen/used in the past have seem to lack benchmarks or feedback questions relevant to our discipline and ethos. I would greatly appreciate ideas or example. Cheers!

    Wayne Gannaway
    Executive Director

  • 2.  RE: Employee Performance Reviews

    Posted 03-02-2020 09:52 PM

    We have moved from appraisals written by supervisors for their staff to a self evaluation form of questions to answer given to the supervisors.  The supervisor reviews the evaluation and meets face to face with the subordinate to discuss, then written comments discussed are entered together with the evaluation in the employees personnel file.  Our annual evaluations don't necessarily lead to a raise or bonus.  It's more for annual check-in, a way to present the good and bad from the employee's perspective, and overseeing progress or lack thereof.  This has been a more successful form of evaluation and takes a lot of pressure off of the managers/directors.

  • 3.  RE: Employee Performance Reviews

    Posted 03-03-2020 11:57 AM
    Can you upload the form you use?

    Matthew Isble
    Exhibit Designer
    Crocker Art Museum
    Sacramento CA

  • 4.  RE: Employee Performance Reviews

    Posted 03-04-2020 09:38 AM
    As an academic following the performance review discussion, I thought I might add a performance review idea we have been covering in our classes as an alternative approach to traditional performance reviews/appraisals. It is called "feedforward" and is based on the simple idea that you get better outcomes energizing people by building on their good points/strengths than by pointing out their faults/limitations. For those interested more detail on this idea can be found in  Budworth, M. H., Latham, G. P., & Manroop, L. (2015). Looking forward to performance improvement: A field test of the feedforward interview for performance management. Human Resource Management54(1), 45-54. Budworth has written several articles on this technique so a google search might add more information.

    Robert Ford PhD
    Professor Emeritus
    Rollins College
    Winter Park FL

  • 5.  RE: Employee Performance Reviews

    Posted 03-05-2020 07:49 AM
    What I've always found most effective is for the organization to work together to identify the top 3-5 values and competencies that are meaningful there, and design the form around those, rather than using something off the shelf. Museums do have certain common features across organizations, like a high demand for collaboration, need for initiative and independent work, customer orientation, etc. Yet each museum has a different topic, constituency, and way of expressing its ideas - so each might place priorities on different skills and attributes. Once you've identified and clearly described those critical needs, you can create a simple rating scale and narrative section for each. Be sure to include at least one competency area that speaks to basic professionalism such as punctuality, respect for others, etc., so that you always have a place to discuss and document performance in make-or-break areas as well.

    Michelle Moon
    Chief Program Officer
    Tenement Museum
    New York, NY