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  • 1.  Internship Stipends

    Posted 10-21-2020 08:33 AM
    We work with numerous graduate and undergraduate interns who have gone on to worthwhile museum or archives careers. They have completed mission-based projects either paid by a grant or for academic course credit. We would like to ensure that we are providing equitable stipends when they are available and, for grant application purposes, properly valuing intern time. Our organization is on the east coast, located in a suburban setting with a large city 40 minutes east, and agriculture 40 minutes west. There are many museum studies and archival training programs in our area.

    I would be glad for professional resources that you feel are realistic and/or your experiences that can be shared off-line, with ranges if specifics are confidential.

    Thanks in advance.


    Ellen Endslow
    Director of Collections/Curator
    Chester County History Center
    West Chester, PA

  • 2.  RE: Internship Stipends

    Posted 10-21-2020 01:56 PM

    Unfortunately our institution has been unable to provide direct funding for interns, however we do partner with a nearby college (approx. 30 minutes away) to provide their history/museum studies students with the possibility of a summer internship.  Fortunately, their college offers stipends for students to apply for as experiential learning with approved host sites (us, for instance).  Being near the campus, most interns receive discounted lodging from the college over the summer and have told us that the stipend covers their lodging, meals, and other basic requirements as well.

    For reference, we are a small local-history museum in Ohio (about 1.5 hours from both Cleveland and Columbus).  It is a very rural area, with the college located in a small city 30 miles away.

    The stipend amounts are listed below.

    Award Amounts

    Up to:

    • $2025 for 6 weeks/225 hours experience
    • $2700 for 8 weeks/300 hours experience
    • $600 to support travel

    Kenny Libben , Curator
    Cleo Redd Fisher Museum - Mohican Historical Society
    Loudonville OH