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Digital and Technology Survey

  • 1.  Digital and Technology Survey

    Posted 12-12-2018 09:26 AM
    I was going to build out a SurveyMonkey for this but felt I would keep things simple for now, and then perhaps expand it as I get further down the rabbit hole.  I am hoping my colleagues in the Museum community might take a moment to respond to this short inquiry about technology and digital infrastructure within you institution.  If any of you know of a repository of such information that already exists, please let me know where I might obtain it.  I will also share my findings in this thread.

    Please specify you institution, your name and role in your reply.  Thank you.

    What does you institution use for the following systems?  Please specify if possible whether the system is a tradition client/server system or resides in the cloud.

    1. Ticketing/Admissions and how do you handle admissions? (General Admission, Timed Admission, etc).
    2. CRM / Fundraising
    3. Retail POS
    4. Scheduling (for groups)
    5. Collections Management
    6. Digital Asset Management (if separate from Collections)
    7. Email Marketing Service (ie. MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc)
    8. File Sharing / Collaboration / Project Management
    9. Email Service (ie Gmail, Outlook, etc)
    10. Web Content Management System (ie. Wordpress, Druple, etc)
    11. Is your IT staff separate from your Digital Staff?  Digital can encompass many things, but for the sake of simplicity treat Digital as outward-facing technology.
    12. Do you outsource any of your tech needs?  If so, what might they be?
    13. Number of IT and/or Digital Staff (and what is the total number of staff for your institution)
    14. Percentage of overall institutional budget that is allocated to IT and/or Digital
    15. Do your various systems "speak" with each other or do you have to manually connect data between them to better understand your patrons and their activities?

    Richard Bradway
    Director of Digital Learning and Engagement
    Norman Rockwell Museum
    Stockbridge MA