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Museum Created Content - Licensing Practices and Policies

  • 1.  Museum Created Content - Licensing Practices and Policies

    Posted 03-10-2021 10:55 AM
    Has anyone dealt with licensing/selling museum-created content (ie logos, designs, digital content, videos)?

    We have produced a number of videos that we are finding others want to license for their own initiatives (curriculum, digital textbooks, etc).  While we have secured and negotiated permissions for our own use with the individuals in each video (artists, speakers, etc), we are entering new terrain with licensing content to third parties.

    In the past we typically gave carte blanche access to third parties as we were simply thrilled that our content might be exposed to new audiences, however, when we saw little or now credit to the Museum and seeing that some third parties monetized the material, we felt short-changed, but more so, the work that we created now looked like it was done by someone else.

    For those who may have encountered this, a few questions?
    - how did you develop your licensing/process fee (if any)?
    - Has anyone broached the topic of royalties?
    - do you have examples of licensing agreements that you might we willing to share?

    Thank you for your help.

    Richard Bradway
    Director of Digital Learning and Engagement
    Norman Rockwell Museum
    Stockbridge MA
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