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  • 1.  Children's Garden Ground Cover

    Posted 09-15-2015 05:20 PM

    Hello –

    We have a half-acre children’s garden that was created in 1998 that is in need of love and refurbishment and the current topic of discussion on site is the ground cover.  Originally, the space was designed with decomposed granite around brick and concrete walkways and supports.  Over the years, the granite has worn away while the brick and concrete has stayed in place so there are now lots of differences in height that cause tripping hazards.  We have had additional decomposed granite installed over the years to help fill the gaps but the garden department seems to think it is not the best option anymore.

    I would love suggestions of different ground covers people have in child friendly areas outside.  This is in New Orleans so the weather is particularly hot and slipping with rain is always a concern.  Any ideas would be great. 

    Thank you

    Lenora Costa
    Longue Vue House & Gardens
    New Orleans LA

  • 2.  RE: Children's Garden Ground Cover

    Posted 09-16-2015 09:06 AM


    We have a native wildflower garden behind our museum in Gainesville, Florida and a very kid friendly ground cover we have there is sensitive plant (also called sunshine mimosa) Mimosa. I think since you are in New Orleans, the climate will be relatively similar and will do well. The appealing thing about this ground cover to children is that when you stroke the green leaves they fold up, hence the name sensitive plant - but in fact it is a rather tough and tolerant plant. Good luck!

    Gardening in the Coastal Southeast remove preview
    This is a large genus of herbaceous plants, shrubs, vines, and trees mostly native to North America and South America with a few in Africa and Asia. (The weedy, pink-flowered tree commonly known as mimosa in the Coastal Southeast is The bean family, Fabaceae, is one of the largest of the plant families.
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    Kristen Grace
    Florida Museum of Natural History - University of Florida
    Gainesville FL