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  • 1.  First Air kits

    Posted 07-15-2015 01:14 PM

    My museum faced the same problem.  We operate under our state OSHA because their regulations are equal to or stricter that Fed OSHA.  Under CalOSHA volunteers are considered employees for OSHA purposes.  We have a single first aid kit whose contents meet CalOSHA requirements.  It included sting-kill and some other items.  It is labeled as "CalOSHA First Aid".  All employees know where it is.  We also have a number of first aid trained (American Red Cross/ARC certified) individuals on site whenever we are open or holding a rental event.  Again this is an employee safety requirement.  I have yet to find any legal requirement for a California business to have first aiders on site for non-employees.  

    We have additional first aid kits at several locations in the Museum and outside in our air park.  These kits are equipped with items that meet the training received in the ARC course.  Basically no ointments, sting-kill, bug spray, etc.  

    So we have two different equipped first aid kits.  One to meet employee safety requirements and one to meet ARC training.  

    I faced the same problem when I was a Calif Highway Patrol Sergeant.  I had officers who were trained to various EMT and Paramedic levels, but couldn't use some CalOSHA kit items because having ot having received training or the item was in conflict with their EMT/Paramedic protocols and certification.  Used the same solution.  


    Raymond Meyer
    Safety & Security Manager
    Aerospace Museum of California
    McClellan CA

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