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  • 1.  Partnerships & Collaborations

    Posted 07-14-2015 10:00 AM

    Good morning to everyone!

    This is an interesting and timely topic, given that funders, board members, community leaders, etc. are continually pushing all of our institutions for more partnerships and collaborations.  At the FWMoA, we have a decade-long history of collaborating and partnering with a pretty broad array of groups, ranging from other cultural organizations (History Center, The Old Fort, the Ballet, the Philharmonic, Civic Theater, etc.) to other types of community groups (Rotary, Food Bank, Green Hair Revolution, Indiana Black Expo, Boys & Girls Club, Early Learning Center, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, etc.)  We work with 12 - 20 groups per year. 

    My perspective is that we partner and/or collaborate only when it makes sense for all concerned. It has to be an organic process for us.  Rarely do we seek any special support for partnering or collaborating.  

    I would love to read the Guidelines that were mentioned!

    Very Best,


    Charles Shepard
    President & CEO
    Fort Wayne Museum of Art
    Fort Wayne IN

  • 2.  RE: Partnerships & Collaborations

    Posted 07-29-2015 12:50 PM

    Hey Charles,

    When you collaborate with these groups, what are you collaborating on? Free admissions? Special programs? Donations? What are the terms for this collaboration? Are you collaborating with other museums as well with something like buy a ticket to the FMWoA and receive 1/2 off admissions to another museum? 

    Would love to hear your insights!

    Zachariah Reiner
    Product Lead
    Boston MA