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Visitor first aid kits at historic & natural sites

  • 1.  Visitor first aid kits at historic & natural sites

    Posted 07-09-2015 05:54 PM



    I work for the Minnesota Historical Society and we have 26 sites around MN. Some our indoors and some are natural sites. I am looking for any information about what is okay to give to visitors for first aid, specifically any regulation or polices that are used by the NPS or DNR. I have researched the OSHA regulations on mandatory first aid kit inventory, however it does not include things such as antihistamine topical gels, bee sting relief wipes, or bug spray. For example, we have had visitors get a bee sting and the only thing we give them now is an ice pack. What risks do we have if we give such things to visitors and where can I find any documentation on such. I have searched a lot and am having trouble finding valuable information. I am curious to see how other sites handle these situations. Please advise if this is something used at your site for visitors or if you have any information relating to the matter. Your help is appreciated! 

    Anne Richards
    Edina MN

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