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What problem "Data Analysis" can solve for museums?

  • 1.  What problem "Data Analysis" can solve for museums?

    Posted 04-13-2015 04:29 PM


    Last week in Chicago, Museum & the Web 2015 ended with a closing note given by the CIO of City of Chicago, Brenna Berman, who talked about how Chicago has used various types of data to achieve significant results. That speech encouraged many questions to the stage and a lot of interesting discussions afterward.

    Why? Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology achieved those results with much less resources than one can imagine. For example, 300+ databases (quite a lot from any point of view) scattered everywhere inside and outside the City government only take ONE full-time data engineer to manage. And similarly, museums serve multiple missions in our civil society like municipal governments do.

    It would be very interesting to learn what kind of insight a museum has gained from its various sources of data and what data-driven actions have been taken. Is there any sort of prediction that museums are making using data? Is there any case study that tights data analysis to, for instance, increasing the number of annual attendance, earned income, or even cost of operation?  

    Any discussion is appreciated. Thanks! 


    Yu-De Lee
    Graduate student at University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor MI