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  • 1.  Exhibit Master Plan

    Posted 03-05-2015 12:34 PM
    Hello Nicole,
    Good of you to throw this question out there, as even the term itself, 'Master Plan,' means many things to many people. If you haven't already done so, you might put together a brief (but substantive) survey for your colleagues, as well as any 'stakeholder' who will help produce and/or implement the plan. I'd first want to know how people used the last master plan. Past experience as a guide to help shape future decisions. I'd even ask people for their definition of a master plan, perhaps providing the one your organization uses for their comment. I'd want to know what people think should be included in the plan--but I would only ask that question when I can describe the purpose of the plan (why we're doing it and what we hope to get out of it). Many people are leery of plans and planning, so the more you work with the '"end in mind," the better. The more you think about why, the easier it is to figure out how. Nailing down the why (purpose, outcomes) levels the playing field by allowing and encouraging anyone to provide input--as long as that input supports your purpose and outcomes. Hope all of this doesn't sound jargony and wishful. Planning can come off like that, but good things happen when you are mindful, intentional, and inclusive. Good luck.


    Dean Krimmel, Creative Museum Services/Qm2
    Exhibit Developer/Interpretive Planner
    Baltimore MD
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  • 2.  RE: Exhibit Master Plan

    Posted 03-06-2015 11:10 AM
    Dean's comments are very good and should help you with the process. I just want to comment on the issue of the expansion. You should definitely incorporate the expansion in the new plan and do it before the expansion is completed. This will help you determine the use of any additional exhibit space, how the space may physically and intellectually link to your current space and how to program it. This is the perfect opportunity to rethink how your exhibition plans link to the mission and to look at gaps or new opportunities for future programming. This should be an exciting opportunity for you. Finally don't forget to get feedback from your visitors, after all that is why we do exhibits. 

    Anita Blackaby
    Retired Museum Director
    House of the Seven Gables
    Salem MA &
    The State Museum of Pennsylvania
    Harrisburg, PA

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