4 reasons why using academic transcription services is a good idea

By Jack Purcell posted 04-24-2021 02:20 PM


Academic life can sometimes take a toll on students. Among attending classes and doing coursework, it can be difficult to prioritize your responsibilities and also allow for much-needed free time to recharge. For this reason, there are times when specific learning tools are necessary for students when their performance and results can get affected by the workload.

Such tools include transcription services, which are incredibly helpful for academic purposes. Here are four reasons why we think using them is a good idea:


You've been hearing it all your academic life, and it is highly likely it will follow you in your career as well, but managing your time well is one of the most important aspects of achieving good performance. When students have a great deal of coursework to do, time is of the essence. 

Services that can transcribe class recordings give the student the opportunity to use the remaining time for something else. Whether it is for study or taking a well-deserved break without feeling guilty, this allows the student to organize their time better. They can take care of their needs and avoid getting overwhelmed, while still fulfilling deadlines.

Focus and Study

There comes a time in every students' life when it almost seems like university takes up most of their life. When you have various subjects all in one semester, assignments and exams can be even more stress-inducing. This is due to being quite difficult for students to be able to learn productively and assimilate all the information, all without losing focus.

Concentration problems bring stress and anxiety, resulting in learning difficulties, low academic performance, and class participation. However, by using transcription services, students can gather, separate and digest the information from all subjects. Hence, getting rid of any focusing problems helps them study better.

No information missed

Taking notes while listening to everything the professor is saying might be harder for some classes. It is still recommended and essential for students to be taking notes during class. However, in some situations, such as when the student has an overwhelming period – especially during finals – these transcription services help you revisit your notes and study effectively. This way, it is guaranteed you haven't missed any vital information and, therefore, you are stress-free.

Moreover, during specific academic research projects, when interviews or focus groups are a crucial aspect of the essay, it is of the utmost importance not to miss any details. So, recording them is the safest way of making sure nothing gets left out, which doesn’t affect the results of your research.

Accessible information

Recording a class, seminar, or meeting from which you can get transcriptions is beneficial for both individual and group study. Not only does it help you when you study individually to prioritize your tasks and coursework better, but it is also constructive during group projects. 

Projects that require working in a group can sometimes be stressful. There are occasions when you have several people, each with their own learning pace. So, getting everyone on the same level is a challenge, but it can be achieved. This way, the information is highly organized, everyone can access it, and misunderstandings are avoided.