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New Kind of Exhibit

of designers and developers that have put...together a prototype for a new kind of museum

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El Paso Museum of History's 3-D Digital Wall Celebration

Museum of History celebrated the opening of...the first 3-D Digital Wall of its kind in...Within two months of opening, the museum had...DIGIE was funded through a 2012 Quality of

Building a Museum Community of Practice: Lessons from Ukraine

opportunities are rare, against the backdrop of

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The Patent Gallery by Vid Mohan-Ram (The Patent Gallery SciTech Lawyer vol 11.pdf)

An overview of patent activity in the...considerations for museums thinking of protecting

Welcome to Museum Junction

Welcome to Museum Junction! Start sharing your questions and stories with colleagues throughout the museum field.

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Museum Patents article

-Ram, a patent attorney and member of an overview of patent activity...considerations for museums thinking of protecting...I'm sharing with the permission of the

The Patent Gallery SciTech Lawyer vol 11.pdf

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