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Welcome to Museum Junction!

Please introduce yourself and join your colleagues and peers in exchanging valuable information. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct.

Welcome to Museum Junction

Your participation makes Museum

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Museum Patents article

Patent Gallery: How Museums Can Illuminate...ABA's Museums & the Arts Law committee. It...considerations for museums thinking of protecting

The Patent Gallery SciTech Lawyer vol 11.pdf

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Building a Museum Community of Practice: Lessons from Ukraine

challenges and successes these museums faced in...creating platforms and frameworks for museum

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Our new product that connects museums

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The Patent Gallery by Vid Mohan-Ram (The Patent Gallery SciTech Lawyer vol 11.pdf)

museum field and highlights practical...considerations for museums thinking of protecting

Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself.

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New Kind of Exhibit

together a prototype for a new kind of museum...museums. I would love to hear what you all...museums as well as

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