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New Kind of Exhibit

think! I really wanted to get it to the...conference, but it just wasnt ready. If I can...Ill get it to the ASTC conference in Sept

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El Paso Museum of History's 3-D Digital Wall Celebration

to Copenhagen, DK. It is 36' long by 5...' high making it the largest in the world...numbers. DIGIE, as it is known, is an acronym

Welcome to Museum Junction

Junction the valuable resource that it is. To

Web Page

you'll first need to change it in the makes it easy to send your leave it set to this if your e-mail...client can support it. However, if you are...if it takes too long to open, please

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The Patent Gallery by Vid Mohan-Ram (The Patent Gallery SciTech Lawyer vol 11.pdf)

An overview of patent activity in the museum field and highlights practical considerations for museums thinking of protecting their inventions via the patenting process.